Monday, June 30, 2003

Just back from a weekend fly-fishing in the Catskills and thrilled to report I caught my first fish, a dashing brown trout, 14 inches or so, a real fighter. Got it with a blue-winged olive fly, in a nice curved run not too far from the quaintest little wooden bridge. The fish ran and ran, pausing to test my wits and heading off on a getaway jag that wasn’t quite crafty enough. My brother was there to help remove the hook and ease it back to fish life; seeing the slimy little guy swim away was a true sight.

No music to report on, but the sound of the reel letting out as the fish freaked and darted is one I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

The ice-cream truck music has beats this year! Summer’s on and they’re out in force, new loops twinkling with minimal (by necessity, but still…) rim-taps making the neighborhood girls play patty-cake games on cue. When not maddening it’s enough to make me wonder if Brooklyn isn’t the greatest place on Earth.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

“I have to say that the champions of the New Wave ‘avant-garde’ are largely trendies, and I can guarantee you there will be no Throbbing Gristle repackages from Japan in the year 2000.”
-- from “Bad Taste Is Timeless” in the forthcoming Mainlines, Blood Feasts, Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader


I’m watching this video show called Dance Hall World on BCAT (that’s Brooklyn Community Access Television for those ill-fated readers not privy to the pleasure) and the videos are even cheaper, gaudier, and cartoonisher than I would’ve imagined. Ridiculous no-budget dissolve/fade/graphic effects, atmospheric lighting seemingly crafted with flashlights and melted mylar, VJs on location at a Carnarsie carnival wishing us all “Merry Christmas”…god, this is great!

Don’t recognize any of the tracks save for Elephant Man’s “Log On” (no filmic representation of the “step on chi-chi man” repeat, for the record), but so it goes. Didn’t catch whose it was, but the call-in-and-vote-on-new-video feature gives viewers two voting choices: Work With it, or FIGHT it! I’m all about the work right now…

Monday, June 09, 2003

Just back from a few days in Atlanta, where I saw:

1. Lots of niiiccce grills (if deciding between silver and gold fronts, go with silver)
2. A comical clubfront scene in which a doorman got much guff for not knowing/turning away Big Boi moments before we arrived
3. A yawny broken-beats set at another, supposedly banging club that made me think Chris Brann really does rule the roost down there
4. Grits in martini glasses
5. A friend’s dad learn “The Humpty Dance”
6. Abundant smiles & waves

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