Thursday, July 28, 2005

Superpitcher threw down Tuesday at Cielo, moody and musical at the start but then quickly antic in ways that made his boat-stripe shirt twitter like op-art as he writhed in front of walls that lit up like lightning. He played tons of tracks from the forthcoming Total 6, and made a rather monstrous show of “Brutalga Square” and Le Dust Sucker’s “Mandate My Ass” (which I’d never heard loud on a nice soundsystem, which is to say I’d never heard). The crowd was big, too; I left at 3:15 and there was still a full floor egging him on, getting him to drop bangers and flop that mop of hair over what I have no problem calling two of the best musical ears on the planet right now.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There’s been a whole lot of not posting going on around here and I guess that’s not good but blame it on summer and a newly acquired taste for writing at least some things with pen and paper (which make ever so entrancing sounds, I’d forgotten). Let it be known though that Kompakt and Villalobos sound world-tiltingly terrific on long drives through West Texas, all freight trains and oil derricks and then hourglass-slow spells of nothing but brown and green and the blue that hovers above. Setting off into it all from the Midland/Odessa Airport, after what felt like 29 hours of penance in fluorescent light and overzealous air-conditioning, I had a literally breath-taking fit of euphoria with Michael Mayer’s Touch played loud in a rental car that would be returned so dirty I keep checking my credit-card bill for cleanup fees. It’s dirty there, though, and beautiful too.

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