Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Why do you like repetition, how, and when? In what way does it affect your interaction with people and things, generally? Do you consider repetition to be a known quantity with qualities in and of itself, or is it the simple aggregation of that which repeats? How do you like repetition, when, and why? Does it grow more or less interesting over time, or both? Is it the thing repeated or the space between that repetition comprises? Which of the two is more alluring? Which is more arresting? Are they one and the same? When do you like repetition, why, and how? What does it mean to like it, if you do? Does repetition follow in line toward entropy, or escape it? Can repetition accrue and increase? Or wane? What, if anything, doesn’t repeat? Would you want to confront that which proved fundamentally incompatible with repetition and all its matters? Really? Are you sure?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Saw M.A.N.D.Y. at Tribeca Grand last night, who were awesome. Two guys who it’s said produce most of the tracks for comely Berlin label Get Physical. Colorful warping electro and Chicago house without the historical drag. Many spacey disco runs that would make Justus Kohncke’s blue eyes bluer. One track that made me think of Billy Ocean for reasons I can’t precisely figure out. Mostly, a 20-minute or so visitation of insane zipper-pull techno I’d quicker associate with Perlon or Playhouse than Get Physical, brittle minimalism atomized and injected with growth hormone (or maybe slightly rotten collagen). The kind of techno that made me think if only people not into dance music could hear this they’d pretty much have to fold their hand and thrill to concede that it’s not all the same, that nothing like it has (or could have) been made before, that the whole project is very much alive and spinning out ideas whose smallness is not a knock but a virtue.

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